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We are a local, Canadian, Organic & Wildcraft Spice & Tea Company.

Always growing & researching ways to improve peoples lives; through Food, Drink with Natural Remedies for Men, Women & Pets!

Our commissary kitchen facility is certified by the Health and Safety Unit in Ontario, Canada.

Only positive energy is lovingly poured into our products.

From Our table to yours we bring you J. E. Drinkwalters Homestead Recipes.

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Organic & Wildcrafted Tea Blends

Our Teas not only taste delicious but they have many healing qualities.... 

Premium Japanese Matcha Powder

Our Premium Culinary Matcha Powder is worthy of  your specialty Macarons, here... 

Spice Blends

J. E. Drinkwalters Homestead Recipes Spice Blends are Organic & Wildcrafted, no... 

  • Sunday. May 21 to Oct 1st, 2023 from 9AM to 2PM

    Join us as try our delicious hot and cold Organic and Wildcraft Teas, Try our Organic Sweet Tea Lemonade! Our Arnold Palmer are lower sugar content than you will find anywhere! Come and Check our new line of Therapy Teas: UTI Tea, Gut Health Tea, Moon Time Tea only found in person at our markets! Always have a fresh, hand made bevy on tap just for you!

  • Beaverton Fall Fair September 15 to 16th 2023.

    Friday September 15th to Saturday September16th, we are happy to announce we will be an outdoor vendor at the Beaverton Fall Fair again this year! Come check out all our new Organic & Wildcraft, hand blended Spices and Tea Collection! Our new Pumpkin Spice Latte will be featured, along with our Chocolate Chai, Chocolate Mint Teas and our Iced Teas will be on Tap for the thirsty! See you there!

  • Sunday, August 28th, 2023 1- to 4!

    Jody will be at this show serving up our Iced Tea brew, featuring our new Steak Spice, Moon Time Tea, Chocolate Mint Tea and our Body Pain Chai! Come check it out!

  • May 2nd to October 23th 2023, Saturdays from 8 AM to 1 PM!

    Aurora Farmers Market

    Location Wells Steet, Aurora. Closest intersection is Yonge Street and Wellington!

    We will be serving up our Hot Teas like our Earl Grey Lavender, Chocolate Chai and Chocolate Mint during cooler weather and Gourmet Iced Teas like Berry Blast and Hibiscus Lemonade all year round! No Chemicals just gorgeous ingredients in your cup!See you there!

  • Our Teas

    We research and test our best recipes, and connect with our herbalists to tweak the formula to bring you the most beautiful teas such as Date Night and Root Beer Tea. My teas started out specifically for menopause support, but due to many requests at our markets, we quickly grew in popularity.

  • Our Spice Blends

    My first Spice blend Original Recipe was created from over 25 Organic ingredients. My husband loves my soups, and roast chicken and when he loves my dishes I he would ask me to write it down. That is why we are here today! My intention is to make your meals delicious and help save money on your grocery bill!

  • Disclaimer

    Any information on our website is for educational purposes only. We do not attempt to diagnose and always recommend that you contact your doctor before starting a herbal regimen, especially if you are using medications for blood pressure, insulin, or hormone replacement therapy. Please note that this website has not been reviewed by the FDA or the CFIA.

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