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Strong Arm Black Loose Leaf Tea

Strong Arm Black Loose Leaf Tea

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Strong Arm Organic Black Loose Leaf Tea is the strongest caffeinated Tea we have! Some like to call this Builders Brew!

This tea is dedicated to my mom and dad. Noella and George Drinkwalter. This is my mothers favorite black tea flavor made with Organic Assam Tea Leaves. My mother grew up in a small rural farm town near Timmins, Ontario; is French Canadian, she helps everyone she can, would do anything for her family and has a soft spot for the underdog! My fathers' mom Sarah Lottie was from the Armstrong Clan originating in Scotland as a Border Clan and then cleared to Ireland in 1603; when the crowns united. Later my great great great grandfather Christopher Armstrong migrated with his family from Fermanagh, Ireland by ship to Canada where he was one or two of the first settlers in Powassan, Ontario! I choose the Armstrong code of Arms and our ancient tartan on our labels as I am very proud of my family! My dad was a the most dependable friend and the most inspiring person I have ever met! He is my Hero! Now both my parents are represented here! To me family is the most important thing we have on this earth! 

Brew 1 teaspoon of our tea in a tea ball or sachet in boiling hot water for 5 minutes and serve hot with a spot of milk!

Contains Caffeine

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