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Sichuan Orange Ginger Spices

Sichuan Orange Ginger Spices

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This gorgeous spice blend was created as an homage to my favorite ginger chicken from a restaurant on Steeles in Toronto. My hubby just loves it and now we can make it at home. This spice is also amazing for a fast Cantonese Chow Mein!

Make sure you use your favorite rìce or egg noodle, and if in a pinch instant ramen noodles work too!


Sichuan Pepper, Garlic, Onion, Lemon Grass, Herbs, and Spices.



I love this recipe with pork tenderloin as it's lean meat that is affordable, easy to cut on the bias, fast to fry, and tasty! Veggies I use for my stir-fry include carrots, chunks of onion, celery, and sometimes broccoli. Keep in mind with broccoli it will soak up the sauce so add more of my base recipe and orange juice. Do not forget to add brown sugar if you like sweet sauce and orange juice! Follow the instructions on the label. You won't believe once the sauce thickens how tasty this dish will be! Have fun with it...I use my wok but you can also use a nonstick frying pan! I have a customer and friend that uses this on her ribs!

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