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Relief Respiratory Tea

Relief Respiratory Tea

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This looseleaf treatment tea was birthed from a customer requesting Mullien Leaves for her COPD and so here we are. 

These leaves must be brewed in a tea sachet which is included at no charge as the leaves have a special attributes that are best brewed in a teabag or cheesecloth. 

Having used this herb medicinally myself during a respiratory flu, this helped me so much with the wheezing which helped me sleep. I do recommend if you have a respiratory bug to see your doctor as puffers can also be invaluable. I used this tea along side the puffer as my doctor said it was ok and now I will always have this in my herbal tea collection at home especially during the winter season. I also learned that smoking this herb helps as well but I would first check with your doctor. This treatment is centuries old! I also recommend our Chocolate Mint Tea when you are under the whether. It is delish and settles the tummy. Feel better.

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