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Original Recipe Spice

Original Recipe Spice

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J. E. Drinkwalters Original Recipe Spice is the reason why we are here today! The counter would be filled with all the herbs and spices I would put in my soups and roast chicken! The hubby fell in love with the flavors and here we are now! 

Original Recipe has over 25 Organic Ingredients and a few wildcraft ones! 

Contains: Cumin, Mustard, Garlic, Paprika, and many other Herbs and Spices.


Add a tsp or two to almost any soup and also melt butter and add a tsp and drizzle or rub on your chicken! It's Delish!

Jody's One Pot Hearty Soup as seen on Rogers TV  February 6th, 2023


2 Tsp J. E. Drinkwalters Original Recipe Spice

1 LB Lean Ground Beef

3 or 4 medium finely diced yellow Potatoes

1 medium yellow cooking Onion finely diced

3 medium finely diced Carrots

1 796ml Can of Diced Tomatoes Low Sodium or 6 Frozen or Fresh plum Tomatoes (skin cooks off remove during cooking process}

1 Liter Beef Broth low sodium

4 Cloves Garlic minced

To Taste: J. E. Drinkwalters Gourmet Peppercorn Blend & Sea Salt


In a Dutch oven brown 1lb of Lean Ground  Beef on medium/high heat on the stove top, add half of the Garlic, add 1Tsp of Original Recipe Spice, Salt and Pepper to layer the flavors always repeat Garlic, Seasoning, Salt and Pepper near the end of your dishes, then add Onions, Carrots, Potatoes, fry all till softer if in a hurry or let cook slowly till veggies are soft.  As they are finely diced this will only take a few minutes. Don't forget to stir during the process. Add Tomatoes, combine into mix and then add the Beef Broth. Once boiling, reduce heat to medium. Repeat seasoning process: add the rest of the Garlic, 1Tsp Original Recipe Spice. Stir. Add Corn. Stir. Taste. Add Sea Salt and J. E. Drinkwalters Gourmet Peppercorn Blend in your pepper mill to taste.

This soup should take 20 minutes from beginning to end. Prep all your veggies and garlic in advance.

Options. you can add 1 Egg for an Egg drop soup which is so nice, or cooked rice if you like your soup with more carbs. Men really need it if they are working outside especially in the winter. They need the calories like my hubby does when he was building houses. 

Serve your soup in a nice bowl topped with Parmigiano Reggiano. You can add this cheese to the soup yet its more cost effective to add it as a topping.

Cooking Tip: When cooking frozen pound of ground beef just add 1 cup of water to the pot and then the meat will cook faster without burning and having to keep such a close eye on it. So much easier!

Pairs well with a homemade scone with my Herbs de Provence in the mix!



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