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Mac N Cheese Spice

Mac N Cheese Spice

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The Ultimate in comfort food! Add to any cheese sauce for a flavor blast! 

Smokey Bacon flavor with Herbs and Spices with NO dairy! Add 1 to 2 tsp to your family fav Cheese Sauce, add Cheese for Mac n Cheese or Shrimp Alfredo. .

Make a Vegan Mac with Airfried Tofu,Nutritional Yeast & Mac!

Did you know that most macaroni pasta bands are vegan! I created our Mac n Cheese Seasoning for everyone! Cheese lovers can add this spice to your fav Cheese sauce to add some smokiness and enhance the oohy goodness of the roasted cheese..I make a shrimp alfredo to die for with this seasoning! Vegans can create a sauce using coconut milk, nutritional yeast and my spice, garlic, along with the nutty, meatiness of a cremini or portabello mushroom to round out the mac. As I always say always add a dash of sea salt to enhance flavors. Whenever you are making a mac always add fresh garlic at the base and the cheese hops onto the flavor train..pasta make it al dente! Cook the mac drain but never rinse the pasta otherwise the mac won't grab the cheese or sauce! Fold in your Cheese sauce..broiling for a few minutes with bread crumbs just adds that extra layer of comfort..grab a blanket, toss it in a bowl and enjoy in front of your favorite movie!

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