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Organic Seafood Seasonings

Organic Seafood Seasonings

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Organic/Wildcrafted Seafood Seasonings

J. E. DRINKWALTERS HOMESTEAD RECIPES has brought you a gorgeous blend for your Gumbo and Jumbalaya.

Make yourself a fast Shrimp Alfredo Rose Pasta in a hurry! Stunning! Check out the recipes below. I made it for the fam in 15 minutes and it did not disappoint! 

Ingredients: Organic herbs and Paprika


Late Night Shrimp Alfredo in a Hurry!Using my New  Organic Seafood Seasonings by J. E. DRINKWALTERS HOMESTEAD RECIPESCreuset Dutch oven or nonstick 5L pan400 g frozen cooked peeled shrimp2 cloves chopped garlic1/4 cup butter1/2 cup Parmiggiano Reggiano1/2 cream or coconut milk2 to 3 T  flour to thicken instead of a roux2 tsp J.E. Drinkwalters Seafood Seasonings4 or 5 nests taglietelle egg pasta1 red bell pepper julienned5 to 6 large cremini mushrooms

Optional: Add 1/4 C frozen peaches and cream cornBring 1 large pot of 5 cups of water to a boil  while you are cooking the shrimp and sauceTurn your Creuset Dutch oven or large frying pan onto the large burner and drop in your bag of shrimp  MEDIUM HIGH HEATThe juice from this will add to flavor your sauce once you see jus add 1 tsp of my seafood seasoningsAdd your peppers and mushroomsThen add the butter and garlicOnce it all melts and your veggies begin to soften Drop your pasta into sea salted waterDutch oven add the cream watch it bubble turn the burner down to medium . Add your flour to help thicken the sauce instead of a much easier! Mix with a wooden spoon till the flour dissolves and thickens the sauce.Add the Parmigiano  then 1 more tsp of my seafood seasonings and turn it down to medium low to wait for your pastaAt the same time your pasta will cooking and once al dente ..drain or i just use tongs pointed down so you don't scold yourself and add your pasta to your sauce. Mix and serve.I just bring the whole pot to the table with a cork plate to protect my table. I serve with tongs its fast and you have better portion control.. The family loves it with a braided egg bread and butter. You could add a Caesar salad.Another idea would be add corn with the veggies and chicken broth plus 1 more garlic clove minced for a shrimp chowder. Or you could sub the pasta with cooked rice!  You will not be disappointed this makes me so happy! I made this recipe for the first time in 20 minutes!

Enjoy ! 

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