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Hot Flash! Be Gone! Tea

Hot Flash! Be Gone! Tea

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Hot Flash! Be Gone! This menopause tea is 95% proven to work on hot flashes and has many other health benefits! My research taught me that Don Quai is known as the "King of Herbs" in Chinese medicine! Our customers love the relief they get from this tea!



Steep 1 tbsp. for 10 minutes in a tea ball or loose in a pot of 1 1/2 cups of water and strain. Flavor with honey or drink it on its own.

It has a celery flavor profile - if you have the herbs left over and you are making a miso soup, throw it in!

Tips for making this tea work for you!

REMEMBER caffeine and sugar brings on hot flashes so if you want this remedy to work please avoid caffeine and sugars especially after 3pm! If you are in menopause you may also find that using natural fibers like cotton or hemp fabrics for your bedding and jammies helps a lot. Synthetic fabrics do not breath so you will be hot and cold all night and toss and turn if you don't have at least a partial blend of natural fibers in your fabrics.

Hope this helps ladies! Let me know how your are doing ok! This tea is creation is why I started the tea portion of my business! Just with you in mind!

If you have other hormonal issues I can help address them and consult with herbalists when fine tuning a formula for treatment!

Also check out my Date Night Tea and Root Beer Tea! These 2 Teas are also fantastic treatment teas for us over the age of 30!


Always check with your doctor and or pharmacist before taking herbs especially if using hormone replacement therapy, insulin, medications and or blood thinners.

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