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Golden Milk Tea

Golden Milk Tea

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Golden Milk Tea is trendy tea that takes care of you during cold and flu season.

Turmeric treats coughs, colds, lung infections, anti-inflammatory, for woman is an estrogen balancer, helps hot flashes, helps with weight management and even digestion. For men, turmeric enhances muscle recovery, supports libido, improves reproductive health, enhances cognitive function.

Ginger also aids digestions and helps with nausea. 

Cinnamon not only tastes like a hug, it helps inflammation, reduces cholesterol, helps lower blood sugar levels, among many other fantastic healing properties.

Black Pepper aids digestion, fights colds, helps weight loss,  gas relief, fights depression, aids respiratory illnesses, enhances other herbs and roots in this tea performance 

How to Brew

Place 1 tsp of this tea in your tea ball and steep from 5 to 10 minutes. You may like honey to sweeten.


Disclaimer: Check with your doctor if on medications for blood pressure 


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