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Curry Fusion Spices

Curry Fusion Spices

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Contains Over 20 Herbs and Spices

Organic cumin, turmeric, mustard seed, ginger, black pepper, and many more spices and herbs.


Recipe Ideas

This is a mild tasty curry that you can add to butternut squash soups, dips, chicken salad on a croissant, or any curry dish. For me turkey leftovers curry, coconut milk, onions, and basmati rice, or for a quick meal that 10-minute white rice!

When you are tired after a long day of work use your leftovers by cooking a chicken or turkey that your can reheat and make soups and dishes with. It will save time and money on takeout.

Always begin a curry with butter and at least one chopped yellow onion. if you like a little kick, 2 onions. Coconut milk is also a must for me, it's what is going to make the sauce! The Grace brand is my favorite. 

Curry reminds me of special meals with my family growing up. Dad would bring curry spices home from Toronto and cook curry chicken and rice for us. I loved it! I created a curry almost identical to the one dad brought home. I am so proud to have this product. It's definitely an homage to my Dad, George Drinkwalter! See the recipe on the package for details!
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