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Christmas Dinner Seasonings

Christmas Dinner Seasonings

This blend is available between November & December.

Christmas Dinner oh how I have missed you! I created this delicious blend to help create a delicious dinner celebration!You can use it as a rub for your turkey, stuff salmon with homemade stuffing add this blend, add to butter for veggies, add to gravies to add the taste of home!  Add to olive oil in a ziploc with chopped potatoes, shake and place on a cookie sheet with parchment. Oven bake and there's your Christmas roasted potatoes! When using it for turkey you can add it to butter and put it under the skin, and I like to melt butter add a teaspoon or so and pour it over the top of a turkey or chicken! Have leftovers? Use the gravy and left over turkey dinner and turn it into a soup!Homemade stuffing is gorgeous and in Newfoundland it is used to stuff salmon, as a topping for poutine, and of course inside the turkey! The hubby taught me that one!
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