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Body Pain Chai

Body Pain Chai

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Body Pain Chai is part of the Relief Collection! Derives from Indian countries and should be brewed the Indian way. Mildly spicy for your pleasure  and anti-inflammatory properties are contained in this tea. Many things can effect Body Pain! Muscle strain and stress in which drinking this tea would compliment a hot tub soak in Epsom salts before your day! This tea contains an Organic Black tea added for Caffeine and taste. Body Pain Chai Relief Tea is the perfect pairing to meet your day in those cooler temperatures when served hot. Try it as an Iced Latte Tea in warm months.

This Chai took weeks to create. Many customers were waiting on it and it finally came to fruition!

We hand and mix the chai spices which took many many flavor combinations to perfect. Once we did I almost cried! Years ago I used to drink chai and for testing, I tried it again and couldn't believe the difference in quality. We vastly outranked the taste! I couldn't believe it! 


Add 1 heaping teaspoon of our Body Pain Chai and bring it to a boil! Once boiling turn it down to a slow simmer, stirring occasionally for 5 min. Then add your whole milk or coconut milk. I had cream so I used that 1/4 cup. Total cook time 10 min. I add sugar halfway thru.  I tell people if your house smells like a bakery it's done. If it doesn't keep boiling for another few minutes. It is our pride and joy! 

Disclaimer: When using pain management meds always check with your doctor when using natural herbs and teas. This product contains cinnamon which naturally lowers blood pressure. 

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