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Welcome to J. E. Drinkwalters Homestead Recipes! Your go to Organic/ Wildcraft Spice and Tea makers who make meal time fast and fun!

First of all we would like to thank all of our wonderful customers and now friends who have supported our business since May 2022 at all our events and markets! Your response to us has been so thrilling! Let's just say you brought me back to life after I lost my Dad during the pandemic! You also supported us by encouragement, prayer and support either knowingly or unknowingly during Perry's pre and post op heart surgery and for that I am so grateful! Thank you so so much! Love Jody!

I would also like to take a moment and thank my dear husband Perry who has been my soulmate and coach. HE is the one who loved my food and encouraged me to go for it! I love you Perry. Without you none of this would be here hun!

To Josh he is my dear son, most weekends he tries to be home to take care of the pets. This is no easy task and our flock is only three of our Ringo, Jacky and Princess. Thank you so much Jish! Every task helps and is important!

This business is dedicated to my Dad, George Drinkwalter. Dad brought many memories around our kitchen table. Celebrating different cultures from Kensington Market, Stouffville Flea Barns, 400 Flea Market. Dad had a meat business, we ate like Kings! Dad would take me Sundays to see Bob VInce at his old food stand in Sharon, Vince's Market. The gorgeous oversized produce piled in pyramids! Only Santa gave Oranges that big! One day Dad and I even saw John Candy running in and running out as we both froze like deer in headlights!

As a family we enjoyed Pancer's Deli on Bathurst; eating a corn beef on rye, Wolfies matza ball soup, Johnny's Burgers down in Victoria Park. Bamboo Gardens Chinese food, then dad driving a motor home with friends for my birthday down to Wheelies roller rink! My moms friend Mimi's authentic Italian 5 inch high lasagna: where she shared her wonderful secrets with me. My mom made de suc a creme which is a maple homemade fudge, every November mom would prepare a few dozen tortieres for Christmas presents to friends and for us to eat during the busy holiday season! Curry Chicken and rice made by my dad, the family gathered around the kitchen table. The last birthday party I had for Dave, Dad made a Mexican spicy lasagna, I invited his friends and it was called Hockey Night in Hawaii as it was a beautiful day in May. Let us bring new memories to your tables!

We are a local, Canadian small business here at J. E. Drinkwalters Homestead Recipes. All of our products are hand made and hand packed. I design the labels,  research and create all Spice and Tea formulas except for our Organic Jamaican Jerk Seasonings which we like as is!

I started my teas for woman dealing with menopause and then the line grew rapidly by our customers requests! So thankful! That is one thing I can honestly say to all new business owners and that is always always listen to your customers needs and wants!

If there is something you want custom made for your specific health concerns I will do my research and then consult with our herbalists when needed... Raspberry Leaf Tea users you know who you are!

We cherish the creative innovative ideas happening here and are very excited for the future of our business. This town truly embraces us local makers and I thank you for your support.  We care about how our business impacts our community. We have fallen in love with our local Georgina Farmers Market run by Natalia Zimmiti and have connected with other local makers and shakers! This market thing is a blast honestly! We have connected with people at the Link, The Sharon Temple, the Pop Up Markets at Ice Palace and Kin Hall. Currently we are servicing Newmarket Connon Nurseries most Saturdays till April!  See our events page for further details on events. Now filling Corporate orders which is so exciting!

We are a lover of animals so none of our products will ever be tested on our furry friends.  "The Georgina Feral Cat Committee.” is a local pet rescue organization truly cares about our local cat populations which has been deeply impacted by all the wonderful rescuers and fosters here in York Region. We ourselves now are proud owners of Princess our latest addition to the Drinkwalter/Brown family. Last winter Princess came to our door hungry, so we started feeding her and she was living under our deck. We fell in love with her and so did our pups Ringo. Every time we took him outside, she was laying on our front steps and Ringo’s tail would go bananas. Princess ended up with a litter of kittens under our deck and these sweet babies along with her were quickly saved when we made the call to the Georgina Feral Cat committee the same day! 12 weeks later we got to take her home. She was microchipped, vaxed, and tamed. The GFCC paid for her spayed surgery and helped guide us in her care. Princess has brought balance to our heard and she is now literally sleeping 2 feet from me happy as a clam! When each of us pitch in, in this world we can impact even one life at a time! Both our Cats are rescues and between both pets Ringo and Jacky well lets just say all the proceed of our Kitty Cool Tea will be designated to vet costs and medications.

We carry Organic & Wildcrafted homemade recipes of our Spices and Tea Blends. Our commissary kitchen facility is certified by the Health and Safety Unit here in Ontario, Canada. All products are packed while wearing an N95 Mask and Food Grade gloves as well as hair nets. Only positive energy is lovingly poured into our products. We pride ourselves on supplying delicious ethically sourced ingredients. Our packaging is reusable zip sealed poly bags. I wish I could use glass for my spices but for safety reasons for you and for us it is not possible at this time. Packaging is my nemesis lol.  

Our cocoa beans are sourced locally by a company who's family who lives back growing their vanilla beans, and Guava plants Organically in Mexico. They import their premium Cacao and source from farms directly. If I have an ingredient that I cannot find here, he will look into sourcing it for me. He is going to Thailand soon so I put a request in for birds eye chili dried for my next creation. So not only are we supporting the family in Mexico but their relatives who own a business here. It’s a win win for all of us! Since we started using their cocoa in our tea and chai our tea products are running off the shelf! We are so thankful we found them! By the way, Perry roasts the Premium Cacao Beans and hand shucks them! Ya! My husband is a rock star!

Thanks so much for visiting our page and we look forward to adding flavor and health solutions to your home!


Jody Drinkwalter

Owner & Product Developer

J. E. Drinkwalters Homestead Recipes


J.E. Drinkwalters Homestead Tea & Spice Recipes

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